Monday, March 16, 2009


Well what can i say about this? It was def a looong MUCH needed break. I rekon i will just go through the days.
Friday=i went to school. it was a stupid day we didnt do anything important but that night was perty fun. I finally got to see my long lost friend Erica and hang out with her for awhile.
Saturday=Me and Ashley took a lil road trip to Ocala to Gander Mtn. it was pretty good besides the fact that we missed the exit bc ash will not listen to me when i tell her to get off at an exit lol. crazy girl but i luv her.
Sunday=Ashley, me, Sammy, & Chelsea all went to the itchmetouchme river and floated dwn that afternoon and had a good ole time.
Monday=Me and Ash went to Cresent beach for the day to hang out with her boyfriend (Mikey) and a BUNCH of our friends. it was a really good day. awesome waves hot sun.
Tuesday&Wednesday=I stayed home and cleaned my room-much needed. Wed night i went and hung out with some long-lost friends of mine.
Thursday=Me and Ash went to 47 bridge and did a lil fishin caught a few brim. Then we rode out to Rum Island and swam for a bit, left and got ice cream. I went to :08 that night with Erica (ashleys too young poor thing) learned a few line dances & boot scooted around.
Friday=Me.Ash.and some of her family left for Daytona Beach. we putt-putted that night and i spanked evrybody!
Saturday=Ash had a dance competition-which she won of course go baby! later that night we went to the boardwalk and watched an awesome car/truck show. then we rode the "sling-shot." this beast went 360 ft in the air at ovr 100 mph. but it was awesome. o & we went to ihop
Sunday=more putt-putt. waves were killer! we came home : (

over all an amazing spring break. p.s.--> i dont think i have ever seen that many hot guys in one place with sooo few girls haha. it made for some good sight-seeing i will say! ill get pics up soon. till then peace D<

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Well it has been a while since i've gotton back to this thing, so i figured i should probably catch-up. Nothing has really happened, or at least nothing special. So, i rekon i should start out at Valentine's Day. This year was definitely one of the best. My best friend Ashley, Sam, Chelsea, Taylor, Mikey, and a bunch of other people spent it at the mudd bogs. We spent the entire day ridin around on the 4-wheelers and gettin dirrrty as all get out. Sam's wheeler fits two people pretty good, three is uncomfortable, but we had four of us on there a few times. Sam & Chels were on the seat and me & Ash we on the sides, we all but fell off. Ashley's leg hit the tire a few times. By the end of the day, us four girls had mud in our hair, teeth, & britches. We were NASTY! Of course if Sam hadn't gotten us stuck ten times we would be half way decent. Every time she got us stuck, we had to push her out of the rank knee deep mud. It smeelt awesome too. There was one point in the day though it was just me, sam, and chels, and we got stuck (go figure) and three clean guys walked by, and I got them to get it out for us and they were of course more than willing to help hehe and I pushed the throttle and mud flung up ALL over them. We got unstuck real quick though. Over-all it was a very eventful day, including the little tiff i almost got in after it was over. When in the end, I had dirt in my ears for the next three days after many a showers.

PICTURE 1= Sam.Chelsea.Me.Ashley. PICTURE 2=Chelsea. Sammy.Me.

So, after that looong day of fun, I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to go to the DAYTONA 500!!! I am not complaining about that though. I have been on a lot of road trips in my day but I would have to say that one was in the top 3. Me, my sister Amanda, my cuz Quinton, and our friend Tiffany were originally going to head out around 8 o'clock but we ended up leaving at around 9.30. It was a really good race & i have to say my favorite moment was when my baby-Dale Earnhardt Jr. caused Kyle Busch-yuk, to wreck and be out of the race. The crowd went CRAZY, when that happened. But before the race began all the drivers are introduced and ride around the track in the back of a car. So I ended up gettin real close to all of my fav's AND gettin pics of them. I was super excited. When it was all over, we all went to Chili's to eat some supper, and had the funniest dinner ever. I really can't explain why it was so great, it was just what happens when me & Quinton get together i rekon.

PICTURE 1= Quinton & Myself PICTURE 2=Q @ Chili's

PICTURE 3=Dale Jr.--so sexy. PICTURE 4=Kasey Kenneth Kahne-My other man!
Other than that, school has consumed my life except for this past Thursday when i had to head to Jasper again with my dad to feed cows. This time i drove the tractor. That tractor has a nicer CD player than I do in my truck. I really didnt see the point in it but hey whatever floats yer boat. I took pictures this time, so i will try and get those up.
Yesterday me and my bestie-Ashley Mcdaniel decided to load up and ride out. So, we headed to the beach! It was a little breezy, but it was sooo much fun. We tanned, or in Ashley's case burned, and we bought buggie boards, swam, drove on the beach and had a lot of fun. We even ran into a few of our guy friends we didn't know were gonna be there. I rekon we are going to start going and doing that more because we had us a grand ole time. So, that's it for now?? I
will try and get some more pics up of the beach and Jasper. Till then buena suerte y Adios!