Monday, March 16, 2009


Well what can i say about this? It was def a looong MUCH needed break. I rekon i will just go through the days.
Friday=i went to school. it was a stupid day we didnt do anything important but that night was perty fun. I finally got to see my long lost friend Erica and hang out with her for awhile.
Saturday=Me and Ashley took a lil road trip to Ocala to Gander Mtn. it was pretty good besides the fact that we missed the exit bc ash will not listen to me when i tell her to get off at an exit lol. crazy girl but i luv her.
Sunday=Ashley, me, Sammy, & Chelsea all went to the itchmetouchme river and floated dwn that afternoon and had a good ole time.
Monday=Me and Ash went to Cresent beach for the day to hang out with her boyfriend (Mikey) and a BUNCH of our friends. it was a really good day. awesome waves hot sun.
Tuesday&Wednesday=I stayed home and cleaned my room-much needed. Wed night i went and hung out with some long-lost friends of mine.
Thursday=Me and Ash went to 47 bridge and did a lil fishin caught a few brim. Then we rode out to Rum Island and swam for a bit, left and got ice cream. I went to :08 that night with Erica (ashleys too young poor thing) learned a few line dances & boot scooted around.
Friday=Me.Ash.and some of her family left for Daytona Beach. we putt-putted that night and i spanked evrybody!
Saturday=Ash had a dance competition-which she won of course go baby! later that night we went to the boardwalk and watched an awesome car/truck show. then we rode the "sling-shot." this beast went 360 ft in the air at ovr 100 mph. but it was awesome. o & we went to ihop
Sunday=more putt-putt. waves were killer! we came home : (

over all an amazing spring break. p.s.--> i dont think i have ever seen that many hot guys in one place with sooo few girls haha. it made for some good sight-seeing i will say! ill get pics up soon. till then peace D<

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