Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adventure of the day.

So, i had a couple of adventures today. To start off with, in my public speaking class we had to get into groups and do a group discussion in front of the class. So our group leader volunteered us first. I hate speaking in front of people but i read the material so i figured when our "leader" asked us our opinions i would be fine...wrong! He asked the most complicated questions about fact. I had never heard the words coming out of his mouth, he had to explain what the words meant to us before we could half-way understand the question. I looked like a FOOL! haha i didn't care though i got an A. Surprisingly seeing that i was laughing the whole time. But when our group leader walked out of the room to put a chair back, our teacher said no one better be that complicated in the other discussions. Go figure i got the teacher's pet for a group leader. Some black kid that sits in front of me said good job boo-boo so i reckon i did alright.

Well, the rest of the day took a completely different turn. This is kinda a dumb, pointless story but it's typical Whit. My dad calls me and ask me to get the calves outta the hayfield, so there aint any of course. But i do see this one near the fence on the opposite side of the field of the other cows so i gotta check it out b/c of course i wanted to pet it! So after a few pics with it i go to leave and my stupid dog i call coyote chases the poor thing but where else, into the hayfield. So, as I'm crawling under the electric barb-wire fence, my dog is haulin tail after this new lil baby.As I'm chasing them feeling like an idiot cause my stupid mutt wont listen, what do i do? trip! I couldn't help but laugh at myself cause my dog immediately runs up to me. So, i went and picked up the calf cause he wouldn't walk without fallin over, got him out, beat my dog, and went home.
Coyote is pictured above.
All in all a pretty boring day. But i do have to wake up early in the mornin and help diddy put hay out in Jasper-fun! i aint been up there yet and from what i hear there are a LOT of rattlers. so wish me luck and come visit me if i end up in the hospital. hehe I'll let yall know. PEACE!!D<

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