Friday, February 13, 2009

Jasper. (and every other town between here & there)

Well i said i would write about so i rekon i better. So, what i figured would happen is i would wake up at the crack of dawn, have a quiet drive up there, feed a few cows, and come home...not the way it happened at all. Skipping details, we (me & my padre) headed out and it seemed like we stopped in every town from here to there. We stopped so he could show me where they use to take their tobacco, and i learned i have family in mayo or somewhere like that i didn't know existed, we stopped at Lowe's and some other store. It was really cool hearin all the old stories and seeing all the farms people have around. But we FINALLY get there after a couple of hours of driving and we pull in the lane and there is a big plantation. It was a gorgeous two-story white house and there was open land everywhere. So, dad showed me around, we loaded a bunch of hay on the trailer, blah blah blah. Im drivin the truck and trailer and he's on the tractor. We have to go on this one part of the road that runs over a pond on one side and a big hole on the other and its comin off a fairly good steep hill. My brakes werent doin me much good on the hill and it was really scary cause the road was just wide enough for my likin, and people who know me know i can't drive anyways. But i made it obviously. It is really pretty up there, we drove to the back where the river was and walked in the woods a lil bit. It was amazing. We ate lunch at Cowboys, made another stop at Lowes on the way back, and I went to sleep. Tomorrow is Valentines day-yuk! But it should be fine bc i am spending it at marshall's mud boggs! Whew-hoo!

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