Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well i said i wouldn't be good at keeping up with this thing and im not! A big part of that is that nothing is happening! So, since i need to write SOMETHING other than I only have 10 more days of school left, I have decided to dedicate this blog to all my besties! My amazing friend Ashley Mcdaniel gave me the idea so..here it goes. And im sure im going to forget someone.
Well, i want to start off with my AMAZING best friend/cuz--Katie. This girl is probably the most genuine person I have ever met. We have so many jokes and secrets and memorys together. I know she will always be there for me and she gives the most wonderful advice. i honestly don't know where i would be without my TRIPP!
Then there is my REMY!! Remy Uhler--She is the newest blessing in my life, my lil Montanian, that should never go back to Montana and stay in FL forever! I love you mucho times 10! Can't wait till our next adventure, cause there is no telling where those backroads will take us! YA REKON?? XOXO
My lil sister--Sammy Bruce! Where in the world would i be without you girl! I would defenetley look back on the last three years of my life and not have all the wonderful memories we have had together. I wouldn't have the bruise on my leg right now from that stupid 4.wheeler from a month ago that's for sure. My life certainly would be boring.
Since im already talking about the Bruce family i might as well talk about my other MOTHER! Mrs. Sandi Bruce, what can i say about you. You have been one of those people that i don't know where i would be without you. I know you just LOVE hearing all my problems but thats what you get when you give honest straight-up advice! There is only one thing i would LOVE to change about you and that is converting you to a Gator fan! But i guess i can deal. Im just ready to paint that pool room with some Gator stuff!
There are so many people that make my life work and i don't know where i would be without them. Im just going to name a few of them and i know ill forget one. So..Mikey, love ya cuz. Tay.Tay. Bicki. Aunt Patti. Green Bean. Beachy, my bobo. Lindsey, i'd be lost without ya kid. Chasey-poo. Kimberly. Derrick-would have been some boring days in the woods without you!
well, now the hard part. Ms. Ashley Mcdaniel...darlin you are my ANGEL and my ROCK! I knew we were destined to be besties from the first day on college when we couldn't stop laughing at nothing. I would have had some boring nights without you thats for sure. I love you dearly and you really are truly my other half. You are about the only person i could live with because you know how picky we are! Im grateful we found each other and I also know i wouldn't be as happy as i am right now if i didnt have you and mikey in the situation i am in ; D and you know what im talking about doll!! I LOVE YOU AND DON'T KNOW WHAT IM GOING TO DO WHEN YOU GO BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL NEXT YEAR! We still have the fantabulous dirt road riding, weekends. !MUAH!XOXO!PANTIES!DOLL! And i can't wait till yer mama has our lil brother!-or sister

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